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ADORE Medium Kit  $85 $125  
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Get your hands on the four most popular premium mink lashes from our 'L' line. This magnetic eyelash kit includes two super dramatic styles (round Lush and wispy Lavish) as well as two slightly more subtle options (round Lust and winged Luxe). With a liquid liner included too, it's everything you need for supercharged looks.

Our All Natural Best Sellers Kit Includes:

1 x Lavish Lash
1 x Lust Lash
1 x Luxe Lash
1 x Lush Lash
1 x Black Liquid Magnetic Liner
LADIES, DITCH the Messy Glue!

For those who want smoldering, alluring eyes. 

Creating a more natural effect, this lash opens up your eyes, giving them instant radiance and having you ready to go in an instant. Perfect every-day choice!

If seduction is on your mind, and head-over-heels love is your ultimate goal, the obvious choice is the L’amour Eyelashes.

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MOST POPULAR luxurious
 to choose from
For Natural Eyelash Look
For those who want smoldering, alluring eyes. 
If seduction is on your mind, and head-over-heels love is your ultimate goal, the obvious choice is the L’Amour Kit.

For Medium Eyelash Look
Ready to be the subject of total adoration?
Put your Adore Lashes on and flutter your lush, lengthy lashes to make hearts go boom. Get ready to watch your love interest swoon.
For Dramatic Eyelash Look
Add dramatic length and fullness and get red carpet ready in seconds, with the Glamour Kit.
Not for the faint hearted, these lashes are for those who command attention.
    To apply long, lush, luxurious lashes, simply apply the liquid magnetic eyeliner on your top eyelid, getting as close to your lash line as possible, and going upwards to create a wing. 
    After the liquid liner has dried, putting your Kinky Lashes on is easy. Simply hold the lashes close to the liner and you will feel the magnetic pull click them into place. And the best part? Unlike lashes that require glue, you can easily adjust the position of your lashes by taking them off and adjusting the position, again and again!
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Introducing Kinky Lash, your new best beauty friend  
Kinky Lash is a magnetic eyeliner and eyelash application kit designed to make putting on fake eyelashes easier for beauty lovers who struggle with old-style false eyelash application and messy glues. 
Without using Gooey Glue
Magnetic Eyelashes
Magnetic Eyelashes are a revolutionary beauty-breakthrough that lets you enjoy longer, fuller and gorgeous lashes in seconds. The magnetic lash technology secures your lashes without the messy glue or damaging adhesives. Above all its reusable for long periods, making it affordable.
  • LENGTH: Adds length to short lashes, making them look longer and luscious.
  • VOLUME: Restores volume to your scanty lashes to make them look gorgeous.
  • CONVENIENCE: Strong magnets help to clip them on with ease, no glue or adhesive needed.
Client Success Stories
Blends Naturally with My Eyelashes
"The quality and texture are so natural, that it blends in perfectly with my natural lashes witch are pretty short, making them longer and thicker."

jlynn     ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"They are beautiful for everyday and glam days, and also they’re magnetic. First you apply magnetic eyeliner and repeat. Once it dries, the lashes snap right on! Slide to the video to see how easy.".
shelly b.     ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"Magnetic lashes are all the craze right now, I see them constantly on all my social media. I finally found some that actually work, Kinky Lash and I'm impressed! I'm cursed with short lashes so Ive tried falsies with glue but I'm no pro also not a fan. With Kinky Lash you don't have to be a pro and there's no glue mess! It's so easy! Just use the magnetic eyeliner, it's just like liquid liner and I can even put a wing. After it dries (don't get excited and try to throw a lash on while wet) just line up the lash with liner! That's it! Even if you didn't line the lash right it's easy to redo unlike with glue. I wore them on a windy day and they stayed put! Not only that I got compliments! These lashes are toxin and cruelty free plus waterproof! Definitely less costly then getting lash extensions. Comes in 3 styles: L'Amore, Glamour and what I chose Adore.".
jody I     ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"I normally don’t wear fake eyelashes but I was curious to try these KinkyLash magnetic eyelashes just to see if they were as easy to put on as I hear. I have to admit these are so so easy to use. You just put a couple coats of the magnetic eyeliner on and the lashes just stick to them. Easy Peezy it’s very simple.😎
I am very happy with the items I received thank you so much"
christine c.     ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

LOOOOVE THIS!! for too long ive been doing the glue lashes. these are AMAZING!!!! easy to apply, stays on all the live long day!!! will def be ordering more. i dont need any makeup with these scene stealers on!!! BUY BUY BUY!!!
Keisa W.     ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

AMAZING product I was never able to put on lashes until this product I love it
Eva G.     ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I love my lashes💞💞Highly recommend them💋
Janet c.     ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I love my lashes.  wore them on a rainy day and they stayed put! Not only that I got compliments! These lashes are toxin and cruelty free plus waterproof! 
We will do WHATEVER it takes with outstanding customer service support to assist everyone as we highly value our customer satisfaction with absolute ZERO risk.

We make sure that every customer is 110% satisfied in every aspect with 24/7/365 FAST SUPPORT!
Why Women are Excited
about our Magnetic eyeliner & eyelash Kit.
  • ENHANCES THE EYES’ NATURAL LOOKS: Look even more Beautiful  with this luxury magnetic eyelash kit. It’s wearable from day to night to complete the entire look within a few touches. Brings out the best in one’s eyes.
  • APPLIES EASIER COMPARED TO TRADITIONAL LASHES: Leave the glue out of the equation with this easy to apply silk false lashes. The lashes adhere to the eyeliner to get away from sticky drugstore lash glue. Even beginners will feel like a professional makeup artist or lash specialist when they use this at the comforts of their home.
  • GREAT COLOR PAYOFF AND MATCH WITH NATURAL HAIRS. : If you’re worried about the eyeliner not matching your natural style, then this set is just for you. It has a good color selection that will compliment your skin and bring out the color of the eyes. Plus, it will make the lash bands blend in perfectly just like natural lashes do.
  • TOP QUALITY HAIRS USED ONLY: The silk false lashes look like real human hair lashes so people cannot really tell that you’ve used something else on your face. Plus, it can be reused for multiple times because it is made from the finest and strongest natural-looking hair materials available.
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: Unlike most of the lashes sold, this pair of lashes don’t feel heavy on the eyes. It does not even feel like you are wearing lashes. They are comfortable for staying on the entire day even without the retouch.
  ATTENTION! Due to high media demand, there is limited supply in stock Today.
HURRY! Due to high media demand, there is limited supply in stock.
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